The Society

Hello and welcome to the UCC Philosophical Society! This year we have a committee packed to the brim with smart, funny and insane people, each perfectly tailored for the job they have been elected to. We will also be looking for Ordinary Committee Members (OCMs) over the summer so if you’re interested in joining our band of adorable ruffians, please let us know.

Auditor: Katie Dennison. She is in charge of the general running of the society, making sure everyone is doing their job and taking credit for all societal success. Katie is an extremely good-looking and hilarious philosoph leader, with a fondness for glitter and unicorns.

Internal Vice-Auditor: Owen Murphy. This is the man behind the scenes; coming up with motions and contacting speakers so that each House Meeting will be a hugely enjoyable experience for all attendees. Owen is a law student prone to swearing, gesturing wildly in frustration and dithering.

External Vice-Auditor: Lucy Jones. Our own ‘Juicy Lones’ is charged with organising our participation at debating events both within Ireland and abroad. She registers us for competitions, books hostels and flights, and provides general banter. Horse-fanatic and a danger to the general public on nights out, Lucy is an all-rounder.

Speaker Development: David Jones. While Lucy ensures we can go to competitions, Davy has the task of moulding us all into debaters that can actually win at such events. He will be teaching first years the basics, helping more experiences debaters hone their skills, and trying to protect us all from the prestigious speakers’ egos. Davy claims that he is not the original founder of Davy Jones Locker, although we have our suspicions.

Finance Officer
: Annie Nevada. Hailing from Sweden, Annie is in control of the philosoph’s finances, therefore she is the one that makes sure we do not collapse into bankruptcy. Her one demand request is that all information be e-mailed to her or she “will not do it” (direct quote). Annie enjoys abandoning us for Scandinavia for days on end, drinking during committee meetings and being generally fun.

Public Relations Officer
: Ruth Lawlor. Also auditor of the Journalism Society (although way more loyal to us, of course), Ruth makes sure that the events we organise are well advertised so that people come to them. Ruth will be the one throwing fliers and condoms at you as you wander through college, and she is also in charge of our annual magazine: Phil’d In. Ms. Lawlor is known for her style, charisma, and Abercrombie-clad arm candy.

Schools: Eva Cummins. The great thing about the schools section of the philosoph is that is means a lot of first years come into the society having had previous debating experience. Eva is the woman responsible for organising competitions for schools in Munster, and making sure we get the best standard of debaters coming to UCC each year. She is the sweetheart of the committee, gives people unicorns for their birthday (not mentioning anyone in particular) but is ready to kick ass when necessary.

Socials: Jess O’Connor. This fiery red-head is tasked with enticing people to events by providing a great social afterwards. This year she will be organising, amongst other things; a mystery tour, the annual Christmas party, pub nights and the regular trip to the old bar after house meetings. Jess is the life of the party, and is known for her tendency to put icing on peoples’ faces at house parties.

IV Convenor: James Reidy. This lad has the stressful, and rewarding, job of organising our annual national debating competition. The Cork IV is a chance for debaters from all over Ireland and the UK to compete against their peers, and enjoy a Christmas dinner. As a tennis pro and with great knowledge of street slang (such as roflcopter), James is more than capable of making this year’s IV a huge success.

Recording Secretary: ? No, the RecSec is not such a mysterious person that we can’t reveal their name – we don’t actually have one yet! The job of the recsec, or “Joke Monkey”, is to keep track of all the embarrassing things committee members do and say on nights out, and then share these titbits with the audience at each house meeting. If you’re interested in running for this position please contact


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