Social Events

It’s not all fun and games and debating in this society, sometimes we have to all meet up for drinks and food or, heaven forbid, entertainment and social activities… Luckily there is someone on our committee to take charge of this aspect of the society and make sure we all have the appropriate level of fun. Jess O’Connor is our social secretary and has loads of plans for this year. Just a few of the events coming up include wine and cheese receptions, non-alcoholic (of course) cocktails in Suas, pizza in the Mardyke, and our annual mistletoe party! It’s different every year but let’s just say we spend a lot of money on tinsel and it doesn’t take us long to find the true meaning of Christmas…the scandal and gossip which comes afterwards!

Can’t wait till Christmas? We’ll be on campus on Sat 22nd of September for UCC Failte Fest handing out goodies, invitations to our first house meeting, and compliments! Won’t be here on Saturday? You’ll get another chance for a meet and greet at societies day in Devere Hall on Sept 26th. Drop by our stand for a free Harry Potter-themed magazine 🙂

Philosoph Owl


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