House Meetings

Feel like you never have anywhere to discuss your views on topical issues? Want to socialise with a bunch of intelligent, hilarious, attractive people? Looking for something to do on a Monday evening? Then come along to our weekly house meetings!

The Philosoph house meetings take place in the Boole Basement at 7pm every Monday. Our internal vice-auditor, Owen Murphy, arranges fantastic debates with interesting motions and intelligent speakers for all to enjoy. Here is a rough outline of the house meetings organised for the first term.

Oct 1st Should Marriage For Same-Sex Couples Be Legalised?
Oct 8th Is Abortion a Feminist Issue?
Oct 15th Animal Rights Debate
Oct 22nd Should We Celebrate the 1916 Rising?
Nov 5th Obama Re-election Debate
Nov 12th Mental Health Debate
Nov 19th Comedy Debate (Dave McSavage possible guest speaker!)
Nov 26th Arts and Heritage Debate

Come along to meet someone famous! Or just have a chat with our committee about getting involved with the society 🙂
Looking forward to meeting you…

For inquiries about house meetings please contact Owen at

Same-sex marriage


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