We blog, therefore we exist.

Hello there everyone!

This is Annie. I know I am not PRO for much longer for the UCC Philosophical Society but to get some sort of webpage back on track was my final goal before I am handing over to Ruthie. I know she will do an excellent job next year while I am piling up with everything Finance-related. Anywho, welcome to our new blog!

This is where everything will be going down with regards to House Meetings, IV:s, Schools and Socials – really everything you would like to know about us for the forthcoming 163rd session. We are expecting a great year ahead of us with lots of great debating to look forward to.

But right now we are on summer holidays (well me anyway, some poor fellas still have exams to get through). Expect us to be back with lots of news and our Phil’d In Magazine in September!

Au revior, hejdå, goodbye for now.